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I am loving Day 4: Give Kisses of Color of the 5 days of Chanel.

Yay!  The new commercial launched today.  I LOVE it!!  I really can’t wait to see the movie.

See it here CHANEL NO5



Photo Source: Catwalk Queen

Visit  Chanel No. 5 .

May 5th the new No. 5 Commercial will launch.  It’s been 5 years since Nicole Kidman’s version.  

Audrey Tautou is re-teams with her Amélie director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and acts opposite model Travis Davenport .  


I can’t wait for the movie!!


Source Catwalk Queen

I love Karl Lagerfeld, love love love love him…


Jerry Hall for Chanel shot by Karl Lagerfeld

Jerry Hall for Chanel shot by Karl Lagerfeld

To see more visit Purseblog the photos are beautiful, open them BIG to get the full impact of how beautiful these images are.  

New York may be at the tail end of one winter storm while gearing up for another, but that doesn’t have to stop me from sitting on my sofa wearing a pretty pair of purple pumps while blogging!  Aahhhh!  

Then I stumble upon these fluffy treats.

My birthday is in the Spring, this would be the ultimate party dress


Marcio Madeira

Joanna Mastroianni Spring-Summer 2009 NY 09/09/08 Photo: Marcio Madeira




Matteo Volta

Feather Chanel Shoes Photo: Matteo Volta


Source [stylefile]

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