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Sometimes honesty is raw.

©amber rima

©amber rima

The only way I know to be is raw.

To create, I become a recluse.  I disconnect to listen to my own inner influences, and sometimes I come out of the daydream with something I love to share.

now….raw….The Real Me.

Amber Rima



I wanted to share my latest personal photographic inspiration.

All background images are from Versailles in The Hall of Mirrors and Marie Antoinette’s Bedroom.

© Amber Rima McLinn© Amber Rima McLinn





This blog makes me excited.  No matter what is going on in the day at home or in the world, I am guaranteed a place that where I can express my softer look at the world with my rose tinted glasses.  


Constance Pizon, Paris 2008

Constance Pizon, Paris 2008

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