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As I walked through a market today, a man turned to me and said “musical heels!”

It was the theme of my day after that, which then got me thinking about this image of a beautiful pair of heels on my feet…

well now you know my inspiration for posting this photo.  Thank you Lauren for taking the photo!


Rhona Bennett - Photo by Amber Rima

Rhona Bennett - Photo by Amber Rima

I had the most AMAZING shoot with Miss R&B herself, Rhona Bennett.  She is a Woman As Lover inside and it was thrilling to capture.  The BIGGEST thanks to Ladies M & L (you’ll be seeing photos of Lady L soon, you just watch!)  and Make-up Lady M for SPRINKLING the shoot!



I wanted to share my latest personal photographic inspiration.

All background images are from Versailles in The Hall of Mirrors and Marie Antoinette’s Bedroom.

© Amber Rima McLinn© Amber Rima McLinn





The Mackage show had more edge than the Luca Luca show.  I wasn’t able to really get backstage before they went out so I didn’t get as many shots of final looks.  I did get a ton of beautiful shots of the process though.  Enjoy the photos and below I have posted the show and an interview with the designers.  


Photographs © Amber Rima

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